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Groovetown is a Toronto based tech start-up re-inventing the way we share music. We are a geolocation centred social music sharing platform that allows users to share what their listening to in real time with ease and simplicity set to launch Fall 2019.

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Stop worrying about which streaming service your friends are using and share music with the entire music streaming community!

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Sasha Balazic - 20

 Founder, CEO

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First off, thank you for visiting the Groovetown site I appreciate it, truly. My name is Sasha Balazic and in December of 2017 I founded Groovetown. I was taking the bus back from work in Vancouver when my Commerce professor at UBC got on the bus donning large beats headphones. I couldn't help but wonder; what was he listening to?  What if discovering new music was that simple and honest. I also became increasingly frustrated with the lack of interaction when sharing music now and the passive listening Spotify's algorithms are creating. I went home and started Groovetown.


About two weeks into my 3rd year at UBC's Sauder school of business, I was accepted into the Toronto Founder Institute and decided to put my degree on pause for the time being. The Founder Institute is where I am now building my dream social music sharing platform. If you're anything like me, a platform like this is a dream for you too.